Who We Work With

In addition to providing catering services for large parties and special occasions, Sushiboi works with a variety of industries to provide DSD and on-site sushi chef services. Keep reading to learn more about the types of partnerships we build. 

Photo of an aisle in a grocery store – Sushiboi works with grocery and retail clientele.

Grocery Retail

Sushiboi partners with grocery retailers to enhance their in-store sushi offerings. We provide a diverse range of sushi products tailored to the preferences of the local market. By offering fresh, high-quality sushi, we help grocery retailers attract more customers and boost sales in their prepared food sections.

Photo of a warehouse club – view from the deli aisle where raw meat can be seen.

Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse clubs require bulk and high-quality offerings to cater to their members. Sushiboi collaborates with warehouse clubs to provide bulk orders of sushi products that meet their unique requirements. Our efficient supply chain and packaging solutions ensure that warehouse clubs can stock and sell our sushi products with ease, adding value to their food service offerings.

Photo of a convenience store. The produce, snack, and refrigerated aisle are visible.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores benefit from Sushiboi’s grab-and-go sushi options. We provide a selection of pre-packaged sushi rolls and poke bowls that cater to on-the-go customers. Our products are designed for quick and easy consumption, making them a perfect fit for C-Stores. We work with owners to optimize shelf space and maximize sales through eye-catching packaging and convenient placement.

Below-the-waist photo of a man walking through an airport with a suitcase and satchel.


Airports are bustling hubs where travelers often seek quick and satisfying meals. Sushiboi partners with airport concessionaires to offer travelers a fresh and diverse sushi menu. We work with airport management to create visually appealing sushi kiosks or stands that attract travelers and provide them with a memorable dining experience before their flights.

Artistic shot of a hotel restaurant – Sushiboi works with hospitality clientele.


Sushiboi collaborates with hospitality providers to design sushi menus that complement their culinary offerings and cater to their guests’ preferences. Our sushi chefs can create custom sushi platters for special events, enhancing the overall dining experience for hotel and resort patrons.

Children sitting in their desks during a lesson. In front is a young boy in a blue shirt.


Sushiboi recognizes the importance of providing nutritious and appealing meal options to schools. We work with school cafeterias to offer sushi products that meet nutritional guidelines while appealing to students’ tastes. Our sushi program can provide educational institutions with a healthy and culturally diverse meal option, promoting food variety and wellness among students.

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