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Freshly made with care, Sushiboi is a turnkey fresh sushi program providing sushi made with high-quality ingredients, impeccable customer service and a variety of catering options.

Superior customer service, always

Our commitment to serving both our retail partners and end customers is what differentiates us from our competitors. Sushiboi’s top priority is not only how great our products taste, but also simplifying operations by providing a seamless, turnkey solution for grab-and-go sushi.


We create the best because we work with the best – Sushiboi stands behind the quality and freshness of our products, and frequently works with our partners to create unique, flavorful combinations using local ingredients that satisfy anyone and everyone.


Ingredient quality impacts not only the taste of our sushi, but the perception of quality for buyers. Founder and CEO Tialboi Mualcin and his team work diligently to source sushi-grade seafood and local produce to craft incredible sushi that turns customers into raving fans.


Freshness is the standard – not the exception. Our team of Master Sushi Chefs prepares full assortments of rolls, poke bowls and salad, potstickers, and more each day. Retailers and catering customers are guaranteed to enjoy the delicious sushi made by Sushiboi.

About Sushiboi

Sushiboi was founded in 2017 by Tialboi Mualcin, who started the brand with the goal of combining his experience and knowledge of the sushi industry with a passion for creating solutions to common business problems.

Sushiboi is a leading sushi program working with retailers and food service providers. Our goal is to bring expertly prepared sushi – made with care – to customers by partnering with retailers to implement our turnkey business solution. No matter where you are located, Sushiboi is able to get you up and running with our products quickly, bringing in returns from Day One.

Our focus has always been, and continues to be, serving the customer to their utmost satisfaction with unmatched customer service and the industry’s top sushi chefs. Our commitment to quality is dictated by:

Sushi and poke made fresh each day, seven days a week. We only use the highest quality ingredients for all of our items.

Training employees on food safety, including HACCP certification, as well as how to make the best, high-quality sushi.

Customizing sushi and poke selections for retailers to include classic favorites, local flavors, and exciting combinations.

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Our Story

Sushiboi is owned and operated by Tialboi Mualcin, who immigrated to the United States as a teenager and found inspiration in the American Dream. From his time in high school all the way through college, Tialboi worked at various sushi bars – including one owned by his parents. These experiences allowed him to learn and build passion for providing not only delicious food made with quality ingredients, but also impeccable customer service.

His experiences also inspired him to start his own brand. With a focus of solving problems using new ideas and building upon the knowledge he gained from his experiences, Tialboi launched Sushiboi. To this day, he brings this same mentality to Sushiboi, helping his partners do what his parents did for others.

Sushiboi’s commitment to a legacy of service is evident through the care that is put into each and every relationship, roll, and bowl.

Building Fruitful Partnerships

Sushiboi is a turnkey fresh sushi program that combines product quality with unmatched customer service to drive growth for our retail partners. We build partnerships with retailers to provide delicious sushi that exceeds the expectations of valued customers.

Eye-level shot of a variety of sushi rolls and other sushi products in the shelves of a grocery store.

Meet the SushiBoi Team

Tialboi Mualcin

Founder and CEO

Tialboi Mualcin founded Sushiboi with the vision of exceeding all expectations in the realm of sushi programs. He works diligently to search for solutions to business problems and create relationships with vendors and partners alike. As a leader driven by integrity and passion, he continues to search for new ways to delight customers and achieve higher standards of service and excellence.

Alex Thang

Master Sushi Chef (13 years)

Alex Thang has been an integral part of the Sushiboi team since the beginning. He leverages his creativity, mastery, and years of expertise as a sushi chef to lead innovation and drive Sushiboi forward. His passion lies in delighting customers with unique flavor combinations, cutting-edge techniques, and new ways to enjoy the classic staples of sushi and poke.

Van Hup

Master Sushi Chef (5 years) 

 Van Hup is a Master Sushi Chef with 5 years of experience. His family values drive him to imbue Sushiboi with devotion, treating his work and our customers with the utmost dedication. He loves his role as a sushi chef, and enjoys providing customers with special order ideas, as well as other special ways to make every end customer of Sushiboi feel as though they are part of the family. 

Our Sushi and Poke Products

Sushiboi offers a wide variety of sushi and poke products, made daily by in-store sushi chefs using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients – our products include, but are not limited to:

  • Classic and specialty uramaki rolls
  • Nigiri and sashimi products
  • Poke bowls and salads
  • Potstickers and appetizers

We are able to craft an assortment of raw and cooked products that can be sold in-store or delivered to you, as well as offering catering options for large parties, special events, and other occasions.

Why Our Partners Trust Us

How to Get Started

Sushiboi supplies on-site and DSD sushi programs. We work within a variety of retail channels, including grocery, warehouse clubs, C-stores, airports, and more. See how we can drive sushi sales and delight your customers by reaching out to us today – getting started is simple.


Reach out to us to discuss your sushi needs and growth goals.


Our turnkey setup process gets you up and running quickly.


Serve quality products and see returns almost instantly.

Collage of the process of making Sushiboi's grab-and-go sushi rolls.